Genealogy & Sturgis Family Websites
Ancestor Search - a huge site that indexes all the genealogical sites.  You can also search for your surname here.

GENDEX - a huge database of family trees.  Type in your surname and search for relatives.  Someone may have already done the work!

Helm's Genealogy Toolbox not only one of the largest categorized list of genealogical links, it has genealogical software profiles, search engines, digitized images, how-to articles, queries, and genealogical news stories.

GeaNet Database Network - search for you ancestors here through the large database. See what other researchers have found.

Gensite -  see which sites get the most hits, and then visit them.

GenSwap - this is the site for helping you find free genealogy records, free lookups, free surname searches,  and genealogy professionals.

Obituary Central - search obituaries.

Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild - search for your immigrant ancestors here who came by ship.  Many volunteers have transcribed thousands of ship's passengers lists and all are free.  Also has a search feature!

One Great Family -  allows everyone registered to combine their knowledge and data to build one huge, shared database.   They claim that their technically advanced software can actually link your tree to someone else's if it fits!  It's worth a shot!

Roots - Learn the latest and greatest in Eastman's Online Genealogy  Newsletter.  Sign up to have it delivered to your email.  Also access to many genealogy forums.

Land ownership maps in the Library of Congress - find out if they have any maps for your location on file and then order a copy!  Mississippi maps currently available include:  Coahoma: 1872, Issaquena: 186?, 1873, Washington: 1871, Yazoo: 1874 .

Personal genealogy websites of Sturgis families (some also lived in Winston & Choctaw counties):

They - The Andrew McKnight and related families. - The Lampkins and related families.


Quinn Family Genealogy

Harrison (Barron/Childress/Tomlinson)



Lemach Edwards


Other sites of interest:

Ackerman, MS (Choctaw County) High School Reunion Site

Here are some other sites you may find of interest!  Don't forget to page down to the personal family webpages of Sturgis families!
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