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History of Liberty Hill Church/Boyd Chapel
Cemetery Inscriptions of
Liberty Hill/Davis Family/Old Plantation Cemetery
Sturgis, MS

"In 1866, Liberty Methodist Church was organized with ten members.  The first pastor was S.D. Hudson.  The first place of worship was a brush arbor.  The new church prospered, and a frame house was built on the Houston and Louisville Rd (former name of Louisville Rd as it went from Houston to Louisville).  In the latter part of 1892, the church was moved onto a hill, where it stands today.  The name changed to Liberty Hill.  In June 1967, the Liberty Hill Head Start Program began.  In 1970, Liberty Hill and Spring Hill Church were united.  The name of the church was changed to Boyd Chapel United Methodist Church.  The church was named for Rev. Walter Boyd, who was pastor at that time.  In 1979, the church was remodeled on the inside, and in 1981, the church was bricked on the outside."

excerpt from "Mississippi United Methodist Churches 2Years of Heritage and Hope" compiled by Dr. W.J. Jenkins.

The church is also currently undergoing renovations to enlarge it and is projected to be finished, Fall of 2001.  The cemetery on the grounds of the chapel is now called Boyd Chapel Cemetery.

Liberty Hill Cemetery is located about 1-1/2 miles from this location, in an overgrown forest, many of the stones being covered by leaves and foliage.  It is located in Section 20, Township 17N, Range 12E.  Because it is located on private property, arrangements must be made to visit the cemetery.  Please contact Boyd Chapel to make contact with the owner if you intend to visit it.

Liberty Hill Cemetery started out originally as the Davis Plantation family's cemetery.  The plantation owner, his wife and two of his children have markers here that can be seen today.  Later, it became the cemetery of Liberty Hill Church and then was abandoned in the 1950s.

Please note that the transcriptions for Boyd Chapel Cemetery have not yet been added.

Liberty Hill Cemetery Transcriptions

Note:  The first four columns contain information transcribed from the gravestones.  In order to assist in finding relatives, I have added additonal information entitled "Add Notes".   If any corrections or additions need to be made, please do let me know.  This list is by no means complete and is a compilation from a variety of sources.  Since many of the graves/headstones have been damaged or have just disappeared, I believe there are many more people buried here.

Name                                Age, Death and Birth             Survey Notes    Add Notes

Davis, Nancy M.          1865/07/10          Aged 68 yrs, 10 months, 11 days          Wife of Thomas Davis          Maiden name was Johnson

Davis, Thomas          1866/10/06          Age 76                    Owner of Davis Plantation, from Abbeville, SC

Davis, William Thomas          1862/02/02                    Son of Thomas Davis          Born in MS, in 1850 census was 11 yrs, 1860 was 20 yrs

Weston, Missanah A.          1865/07/10          Aged:  38 yrs, 20 days          Wife of Dr. Thomas Weston          Daughter of Thomas Davis

Lampkin, G.T.          1847/10/10          1893/01/27
Davis, Mariah          1872/11/04          Age 26 yrs                    Daughter of Lewis & Amanda Davis, 1880 Okt census, pg. 404b

Davis, Jacob          1872/12/24          Age 60 yrs
Davis, Lisia          1874/05/01          Age 58 yrs
Davis, Elizabeth          1874/01/24          Age 48 yrs
Lewis, Rozena          1872/08/27          1942/01/23                    

Davis, Mary C.          1838/12/04          Illegible, either 1938 or 1838          Peoples (?) & Co. Fun. Homemade marker          

Davis, Mary Ann          1871/02/28          1897/08/04          Wife of A.L. Davis          A.L. Davis, possibly Anthony L., child of James Henry and Melinda Davis.

Davis, Erisken          1862/?/?          1932/08/07          Handmade tombstone
(concrete)          Son of Jerry & Mary Davis. Husband of Lucie, children Henry & Roscoe.  

Davis, Willis          1865          1910          Lodge 6636 G.U.O. of Masonic Symbol          Son of Celia Davis (other siblings are Juda, Wade H., Amzie, Luisa, Murray, Alexander and Alice).  Husband of Henryietta.

Davis, Wade          1829/08/21                    Lodge 6636 G.U.O. of Masonic Symbol          Son of Celia Davis (see above).  Spouses, Alice and Mary Lampkin.

Davis, Alex          1874/03/10          1935/01/16          Father. At rest.          Son of Celia Davis.  See siblings above.

Davis, Hardy           1837          1897                    Probably brother of Mahaley Davis
Latham, Ben T.          1881/02/22          1923/05/05          Funeral home marker          Son of Jacob and Irene Lathan.  Husband of Annie L. Quinn.

Barron, Ed          1888          1927                    Eddie.  Son of Squire and Winnie Barron (siblings:  Mary, Joseph, Andie, Lincoln, Lula, William and Stella)

Barron, W.M.          1860/03/31          1904/06/19          Wife of S.B. Barron          Winnie, wife of Squire Barron.

Lampkin, Euel          1899/08/29          1902/04/17          Son of William & Julia Ann Lampkin. Last name inferred, illegible.          

Davis, Jancy E.          1871/08/18          1912/06/28          Household of Ruth. No 3970.          

Davis, Alice          1896/02/16          Age 40 yrs          Wife of Wade Davis. Last name inferred, illegible.          Child, Henry Davis.

Davis, Lewis          1907/07/27          Age 70 yrs                    Brother was Early Davis (born 1829).  Spouses Amanda, Maria and Eliza. Stepsons Ames and James Garfield Hudson.

Davis, Eliza          1903/10/16          Age about 55 yrs          Wife of Lewis Davis.  Last name inferred, illegible. Other info on base of marker.          Children, Jane, Bradford and Lillie.

Davis, Malaba          1929/05/24          Age 70 yrs          Ruth DO 3970          Name should read "Mahaley".  Wife of Anthony Kyle Davis.  Children:  DeWitt, LD, Henry, Brewer, Joseph, Thomas, Anthony K., Luellen, Garfield, and Violover?

Spivey, John L.          1906/01/20          Age 55 yrs
Curtis, Elizabeth          1863/12/04          1908/06/16          Wife of R.L. Curtis.  Last name inferred, illegible.          

Davis, H.D.          1913/05/30          Age 70 yrs          Lodge 8633 G.U.O. of O.F.          Henry.  Husband of Luisa Davis and brother of Mahaley Davis.

Bardwell, Nancy          1909                    Golden Dawn. Court No. 86          

Name illegible, funeral home marker.  Saden, Ackerman, MS          

Johnson, Neddie Jean          1939/11/?                    Funeral home marker          Daughter of Ned Arthur Johnson & Abbie S. Davis?

Kilpatric, Malinda          1911/05/13          Age 51 yrs          Household of Ruth No 3970          

Davis, Lowat          1909/05/29          1919/06/05          Son of J.H. & Lula Davis.  Our baby.dfs          Probably son of John H. Davis and Lula Quinn.

Davis, Edith          1909/11/04          Age 63 yrs          Household of Ruth 3970          Probably wife of Isham Davis.  Sister to Anthony Kyle Davis (Sr).  Daughter of China Davis.  Edith born abt 1835.  Children, Thomas W., Early, Esquire, Peter, Martha, John M.

Rodgers, W.L.          1919/05/19          1921/11/16
Rogers, Robert          1874          1940                    Probably son of Andrew Rogers and Darcus Davis.  Brother William.  Wife Emma M.

Davis, Anthony          1874          1940          Funeral home marker.  Double grave w/Weston Davis.          Son of Mahaley Davis.  Wife Alliena.  Children, John B., Ethel Lee, Abraham, Weston, Oscar, Thomas W., Leroy and Mary Ann.  Murdered March 3, 1940.

Davis, Weston          1906          1940          Funeral home marker.  Double grave w/Anthony Davis.          Son of Anthony and Alliena Davis.  Wife was Emma Lathan. 

Unknown, Bertha                    1942          Illegible funeral home marker          May be Bertha Lathan.

Lampkin, William                    1943/02/15                    Mississippi, Pvt I Class 816 Pioneer Inf        Probably son of Tom Lampkin & Martha Wragg.

Unknown                              Illegible funeral home marker          

Unknown                              Illegible funeral home marker          

Davis, Jacob                    Ca 1928/1929          No marker          Source:  Freddie Davis who says his grandfather is buried here

Davis, Nancy E.          1871/08/18          1912/06/28          Household of Ruth No 3970          

Davis, Vercia          1883/05/18          1886/07/04          Son of Louis and Amanda Davis          

Davis, Ella          1936/11/18          Age 65 yrs 5 mo 5 days                    Wife of Jacob Davis?

Quinn, Marth          1894/05/19          Died May 18          Daughter of R.B. Quinn          

Lampkin, Tom          1918/10/09          1881/12/02                    Husband Lennie Davis?

Frazier, Jane          1926/01/04          1847          House of Ruth 4412          

Lathan, Annie L.          1924/11/13          1869/05/26          
Lampkin, Ira Nash          1920/07/23          1896/02/12                    Husband of Maudie Quinn, son of Tom Wragg Lampkin

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