Mt Olivet Cemetery

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Located 6 miles northwest of Sturgis. Turn left just past Big Creek Church onto Big Creek Road, one mile the road forks, take the left,  about 100 yards. The church is no longer there but the cemetery is fenced and has a sign in front. The Cemetery was still used as late as 2001. Last visited April 17, 2002.

BUTLER, ESSIE SUE 04/22/1933-07/07/1998
BUTLER, EMILY GOOD 11/26/1899-04/22/1986
BUTLER, REV. SIMON DERO 10/14/1895-05/18/1987
BUTLER, INFANT d/o C.H. &E.A. 09/23/1898-10/08/1898
BUTLER, S.J. 01/23/1837-03/09/1895 w/o J.H.
BUTLER, J.H. 01/28/1834- 05/05/1919
BUTLER, CLEMMIE LOU 10/18/1901-10/21/1903 d/o J.W. AND J.E.
BUTLER, INFANT d/o J.W. AND J.E. 12/16/1937
BUTLER, JOHN W. 07/21/1904-06/29/1912
BUTLER, JOHN WILSON 05/01/1864- 02/17/1947
BUTLER, JODIE  E. LAWRENCE 09/28/1863-02/21/1940

CAMPBELL, JAMES M. 1836-1890

COTTON, MERLE OSWALT 08/14/1908-08/10/1998 w/o E.T.
COTTON, E.T. "BOB" 04/23/1906-03/1987
COTTON, N.J.  02/04/1842-01/26/1890 w/o OF OVERTON
COTTON, OVERTON 05/15/1805-07/17/1886 broken headstone
COTTON, ALLEN 05/11/1835-03/27/1895
COTTON, ELMER E. 12/17/1879-03/26/1952
COTTON, ANNA FONDREN  01/15/1881-03/23/1967 w/o ELMER
COTTON, WILLIAM M. 12/08/1873-04/19/1920
COTTON, ROBERT M. 07/08/1848-03/27/1933
COTTON, MARY N. 03/14/1854-09/12/1904 w/o ROBERT
COTTON, MITCHEL O. 07/25/1884-02/07/1897 s/o R.M. & M.N.

CUMMINGS, GEORGE W. 09/24/1867-05/19/1921
CUMMINGS, MINNIE M. 12/14/1869-08/17/1945
CUMMINGS, G.E. 11/18/1911-09/21/1912 s/o G.W. &M.M.
CUMMINGS, MABEL CLAIRE 07/21/1905-09/06/1905 d/o G.W. &M.M.
CUMMINGS, WILEY LAWRENCE 06/19/1894-10/16/1900 s/o G.W. &M.M.
CUMMINGS, LYDIA MAY 01/17/1891-09/23/1891 d/o G.W. &M.M.
CUMMINGS, FREDDIE LEE 11/05/1899-10/26/1900


FRESHOUR, ZOLA 12/29/1898-05/22/1900 d/o V.V.&H.W.

GRICE, CHRISTINE 03/13/1917-03/14/2001

HENDON, INFANT SON of W.E. & M.A. b&d 01/22/1897

JENKINS, JOSEPH HERMAN 03/10/1923-04/30/1979

KELLUM, BUREN LEE b&d 04/15/1921 s/o B.L. & B.O. KELLUM

McMINN, INFANT DAU OF C.W. AND S.B. b&d AUG 20, 1928
McMINN, BILLY JOE 01/24/1941-03/14/1941
McMINN, WILLIAM A. 1894-1928
McMINN, RUFUS WESLEY 02/01/1860-11/03/1954
McMINN, MATTIE FOREST 11/16/1870-05/06/1949
McMINN, INFANT DAU of R.W &M.E. broken headstone

RAY, EARNEST C.  11/14/1884-04/03/1907 s/o G.W. & D
RAY, DELLA Q. VINN 1866-1928 w/o G.W.
RAY, G.W. 08/12/1858-04/11/1905
RAY, ROBERT E.  03/25/1871-05/21/1893
RAY, MARTHA J. 05/09/1838 - 04/27/1898 w/o ELIJAH
RAY, ELIJAH 05/10/1821-09/10/1899

SKELTON, JOHN E. 09/01/1925-07/09/1999
SKELTON, JOSEPH WALTER JR. 06/22/1922-08/28/1995  WWII
SKELTON, THOMAS W. 02/10/1852-04/23/1899
SKELTON, JENNIE RAY 04/12/1852-01/16/1907 w/o THOMAS
SKELTON, INFANT s/o MR.AND MRS V.V.  b&d 12/24/1907
SKELTON, VESTER V. 10/17/1878-06/20/1920
SKELTON, LOULA BELL McMINN  09/30/1887-03/18/1955 w/o V.V.

TEMPLETON, JIM 03/10/1862-06/06/1944
TEMPLETON, GERUSHIE 12/15/1864-03/26/1947
TEMPLETON, FOREST J. 09/22/1898-10/07/1928

QUINN, MAY BEE son of T.M. & N.J. 07/18/1887-09/06/1887

WILTSHIRE, CASSIE G. 10/25/1886-03/10/1974
WILTSHIRE, FRED S. 11/10/1880-03/20/1938

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