People and Businesses of Sturgis
Even though the town of Sturgis was not founded until 1883-1884, the town's roots can be seen in the earlier community of Whitefield and some of the other smaller settlements in the area as early as 1833-1835.  The present-day town of Sturgis was incorporated in 1902 with J.G. Bevill as its first mayor.  Most of the businesses listed below are from the 1900 to 1960 timeframe.  Hopefully, with your help, we can make this a complete list.  In addition to the businesses below, I also have a bit of history on each.  I hope to eventually tie each business to its own description, such as who owned it, the timeframe of the business and where it was located.  If anyone has any ideas, comments, corrections, or additions, please do let me know.  Also, if you would like to share your thoughts on Sturgis, its people and businesses, please add them in the guestbook below.

Sturgis Newspapers  The Sturgis Record (1884-1886), The Search Light (1909) and the Sturgis Enterprise (1916).

Bank of Sturgis

Sturgis Lumber Company

Sturgis Post Office

Sturgis Doctors

Dawkin's Blacksmith Shop

Turner's Blacksmith Shop

Frazier's Store

Exchange Building

County Barn and Livery Stables

Montgomery's Flour and Grist Mill

Sturgis Calaboose

Peter Sullivan's Harness Shop

Jim Kolb's General Store

Harrell's Store

Henry Barron's Café and Lilliam Daniel's Millinery Shop

Ernest Sharp and D.M. Foster's Store

Tom Vaughan's Store

Shropshire's Drugstore

Turner's Potato Curing House and Morgan's Gin

Carter's General Merchandise

Julia Woodson's Store and Boardinghouse

Brocatoes Store

Gordon's Store

Mary McReynold's Store

Will McMinn's Barber Shop

Livingstone's Café

Eliza Hunt's Store

McKenzie, Graves, Oswalt & Morgan's Store

Floyd's Blue Front

Drane Hardware

Hannah Hardware

Boyd, Thompson and Morgan's Service Station and Garage

Morgan's, Foster's and Crumpton's Garage

Galcerans Store

Burney Brothers' Store

Cain Hannah's Millinery Shop

Livingstone's Café and Grocery Store

Welch Funeral Home

Marvin Adams Hardware

Quinn's Drugstore

Raymond F. Stiles Cattle Company

War Surplus Store, Café, Cabinet Shop and Used Furniture

Gore's Store

Gore's Potato Business

Quinn's Café and Barber Shop

Jackson's Café

McMinn's Café

Fabric Center

Roy Rhodes' Garage, Crumpton's Office, Health Center and Williams' Café

Sion Tuner's Grist Mill and Reed's Saw Shop

Carpenter's Service Station and Package Store

J & M Restaurant

American Oil Service Station

Collier Service Station

Bradberry Service Station

White's Service Station

Bell Oil Company Station

Quinn's Service Station

Jackson's and Morgan's Service Station

Katie's Kitchen

Babe Barron's Beauty Shop

Angie Oswalt's Beauty Shop

Estes Beauty Shop

Kathleen's Beauty Shop

Sturgis Florist

Doss Service Station and Café

Roosevelt Harris' Blacksmith Shop

Pennyon Gristmill

Oswalt Sawmill

Draymen of Sturgis

Edward's Service Station

Pickle Vat Company (name?)

Grady Quinn's Grocery

Miss Emma Clegg's Boarding house

Chandlers Grocery


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