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      1930 Oktibbeha County, MS Census
Beat 4, ED 53-11 Sturgis Town
Beat 4, ED 53-12 North of Sturgis Town
Beat 4, ED 53-13 South of Sturgis Town

      1920 Oktibbeha County, MS (Beat 4, EDs 103 & 104) Census

      1910 Oktibbeha County, MS (Beat 4, EDs 101 & 102) Census

      1900 Oktibbeha County, MS (Beat 4, EDs 92 & 93) Census

      1880 Oktibbeha County, MS (Beat 4, Whitefield P.O.) Census

      1870 Oktibbeha County, MS (Beats 1-5) Census

1870 Oktibbeha County, MS (Whitefield P.O. only) Census INDEX

     1860 Oktibbeha County, MS Census (in family order)

      1860 Oktibbeha County, MS Census (alphabetical at MSGenweb, offsite)

      1850 Oktibbeha County, MS Free Schedule (with selected columns)

      1850 Oktibbeha County, MS Slave Schedule INDEX

      1840 Oktibbeha County, MS Census

1840 Oktibbeha County, MS Census INDEX (offsite)

       1830 Lowndes County, MS Census (before Oktibbeha was formed)

Oktibbeha County, MS Census Index & Images
       at Genealogy.com (paid access)

      1805-1930 MS Census Index at Ancestry.com (paid access)

Oktibbeha, MS Census Images Online
       at Ancestry.com (most indexed and more added monthly; paid access!)

USGenWeb (volunteer site where census records are transcribed; FREE)

MS Census Links (FREE)

      CensusFinder (free links)

      1880 Online Census Index at Familysearch.org (searchable) (the CDs can also        be ordered online with more search options available.  ALL persons in the            US enumerated are in this database)

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Your local library (through interlibrary loan)

Buy or Rent at Heritage Quest (all available on CD or microfilm)

Rent from the National Archives and Records
Administration (all available on microfilm)

Buy Census Microfilm Expeditors microfilm

1840 & 1850 Oktibbeha County Census Books
from SK Publications (actual images)

      1860 Oktibbeha Census compiled by Edd Clardy (also available at The                    Special Collections Dept , Mitchell Library at  MSU Starkville MS)

      Order through the Family History Program, use their Library Catalog (films go        to your nearest Family History Center.  Click HERE to find a center near you)

3.  1870 Winston County Records Online
     (FREE, thanks to R. Jerry Everett, Lil Marlau
     and Beverly Benson from the USGenWeb

Index A-B  Index C-D  Index E-G

Index H-J   Index K-L  Index M

Index N-R   Index S-V Index W-Z

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Page 0400aPage 0406a       Page 0412b

Page 0418b               Page 0424b       Page 0430b

Page 0436b               Page 0442b       Page 0448b

Page 0454b      Page 0461a       Page 0467a

Page 0475aPage 0481b       Page 0489a

      Page 0496b       Page 0503a       Page 0510a

Page 0517a

4.     1860 Choctaw Census (FREE actual scanned images)
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Note:  Since Sturgis/Whitefield (Beat 4 of Oktibbeha County) is so close to Choctaw and Winston counties, don't forget to page down to #3 and access the census transcriptions available there.

Note:  The Oktibbeha 1930 Census is now available through Heritage Quest and the NARA as well as online through Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com. 
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Oktibbeha County is split up into five beats.  As you look through the original census records, you will notice that the records are grouped by beat.  These were traditionally the different police beats.  Even if you don't know the district number of where your ancestors lived (they changed every census year), you can still find them by knowing the beat.  Beats 1 and 2 encompass the area around Starkville, Adaton, Longview, and the university.  Beat 4 includes the area of Sturgis, Bradley and Longview.  Beat 3 includes the area around Maben and Double Springs.   Beat 5 includes the area around Choctaw Agency and near the Noxubee River.