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Calendar of Events
If you know of an upcoming event that concerns Sturgis and its people, please do let us know so that we may post it here.  In particular, if you know of any upcoming family reunions (no matter how small), we can post them here also.  Send the info here.

Upcoming Events:

October 21, 2006 at 1 pm - Place:  Clear  Springs Primative Baptist Cemetery.
  Descendents of Samuel and Cithey Waldrep have  placed tombstones at Clear Springs Primative Baptist Church Cemetery.   There will be a dedication service, with a Confederate Troup to enact the  memorial for Samuel.
We would like to invite any descendents of the  Waldrep's and any descendents of the Double Springs, Clear Springs area to  attend.  
For more info, contact rag55 "at"

Please send us your info so that we may post it here:-))

Past Events:

Sturgis South Motorcycle Rally
Sturgis, MS
19 August 2005

1-3 July 2005 Rogers Reunion in Sturgis, MS
Contact:  L. White 662-465-6005
A. Rogers 662-465-6124
A. Jackson 662-465-7435

July 23-24, 2004:  Spiva Family Reunion, Louisville, MS

August 20-22, 2004:  Sturgis, MS Motorcycle Rally

July 26-27, 2002:  Spiva Family Reunion, Louisville, MS

August 2-4, 2002:  Phillip "Doc" and Emily Quinn Family Reunion, St Louis, MO

August 23 - 25 2002:  2002 Sturgis, MS Motorcycle Rally

August 31 - September 1 2002:  The Sturgis, Mississippi Reunion held in Starkville, MS
sponsored by the Sturgis MS Reunion Club, Sturgis Chapter

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