Churches and Cemeteries
I.  Churches and Cemeteries within Sturgis and the immediate area:

Bethel Methodist Church and Bethel Cemetery  - location: extreme SW Corner of Oktibbeha County

Chestnut Grove Baptist Church   - location:  adjacent to Bethel Church above

Spring Hill Church and Cemetery - location:  extreme SW Corner of Oktibbeha County  

Wake Forest Baptist Church and Cemetery - location:  2459 Sturgis-Maben Rd

Quinn Family Cemetery - location:  near Wake Forest

Big Creek Methodist Church - location:  5 miles NE of Sturgis

Mount Olivet Baptist Church - location:  6 miles NW of Sturgis

Sturgis Baptist Church - location:  827 Main St

Sturgis Methodist Church

Sturgis Presbyterian Church

Sturgis Cemetery - location:  near Maben-Sturgis Rd  Updated 02/19/04

Liberty Hill/Boyd Chapel Methodist Church/Davis Family Cemetery - location:  Louisville Rd

Bradley Church of God - location:  1999 Silver Ridge Rd

Morgan Chapel Baptist Church - location:  Morgantown Rd

Mount Zion Baptist Church

Mount Airy Baptist Church - location:  Craig Springs Rd

Woodward Family Cemetery - location:  Woodward Mountain, Sturgis

McClelland Cemetery (for text version click here)- location:  E of Sturgis, just off Craig Springs Rd

Craig Springs Church/Cemetery - location:  E of Sturgis, MS 1/8 mile off Highway 25 on Craig Springs Road

Old Methodist or Whitefield - location:  vicinity Earles Fork Rd  Updated 12/5/02

Henry Family Cemetery - location:  8 miles N of Sturgis

Parker Family Cemetery

Clear Springs Primitive Baptist Church - location:  2 mi S of Hwy 82 Added 12/1/03

II.  Churches and Cemeteries in Oktibbeha County outside of Sturgis:

Self Creek Baptist Cemetery - location:  13 mi NW of Starkville, MS

Old Chestnut Log Cemetery (page is incorrectly labeled as Chestnut Log/Double Springs) - location:  5-1/2 mi S of Maben, MS.  Note:  Edd Clardy has compiled Chestnut Log Church from 1854 --1885. Email for more info

Double Springs Methodist Cemetery (incorrectly labeled as Clear Springs Methodist Church) - location:  6 mi S of Maben, MS

Double Springs Baptist Cemetery - location:  10 miles N of Sturgis (was called Chestnut Log before the 1970s)

Bethesda Baptist Church - location:  5 mi W of Crawford, MS

Salem Baptist Cemetery - location:  7 mi SE Starkville, MS

Sanders Cemetery - location:  7 mi W of Crawford, MS

Pleasant Ridge - location:  Bradley, MS

New Hope Cemetery - location:  2 mi N of Longview, MS

Adaton Methodist Cemetery - location:  6 mi W of Starkville, MS

III.  Neighboring Churches and Cemeteries in Choctaw County:

Shiloh Methodist Church - location:  Hwy 12 betw Ackerman and Sturgis, MS

Bethlehem Baptist Church - location:  Hwy 12E Ackerman, MS

Blythe Creek Church - location:  5 Mi S of Mathison, MS

Salem Methodist Church - location:  near Chester, MS

Spring Hill Baptist Church - location:  SE of Reform, MS

Enon Church - location:  N of Ackerman, MS

Old Lebanon Presbyterian Church - location:  Ackerman, MS

South Union United Methodist Campground - location:  near Ackerman, MS

IV.  Neighboring Churches and Cemeteries in Winston County:

Pleasant Hill Methodist Church - location:  1-1/2 mi S of Sturgis, MS

Blackwood Cemetery

Wylie Family Cemetery

Antioch Baptist Church

Beth Eden Presbyterian Church

I am in the process of adding as much information as I can about each individual church/cemetery.  If anyone has any records, history or photos of churches/cemeteries they would like to share, please consider donating the data so that everyone may share in your find!  Some of these churches do not exist anymore and others have changed their names.  Many of the churches had an adjoining cemetery, so those will not be listed separately.  I will eventually add a link for each church and cemetery with its history, years of operation, location, where the records are available, addresses, etc.  I do not live in the county and am doing most of my research through email, snail mail and the telephone.  If there are any area residents who would like to help in making this page as accurate as possible, please do drop me a line.  Thanks again to all those who have helped!
USGS GNIS List of Oktibbeha CEMETERIES with Locations Noted
This page was last updated on: February 19, 2004
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USGS GNIS List of Oktibbeha CHURCHES with Locations Noted